Ode to Caissa

Ode to Caissa by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Oh sweet gift of Beauty and Reason How we worship at your shrine Oh divine maiden of Peace Lady of Truth and seed of fertility True lover of my youth Who swept me off my feet The moment I laid eyes upon you A Universe of mystery enraptured … Continue reading Ode to Caissa

The Poetry of Words

The Poetry of Words by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Words are our World building blocks of our foundation continue exploring worlds heaven's coffers filled with treasure Precious pearls of gold morning songs of praise glorious exalted crescendo worshipped embodiment of Hope Sacred Heritage love letters kisses and hugs innocent angel caress sweet words honeymoon embrace Juggling … Continue reading The Poetry of Words

The Mystery of a Woman

The Mystery of a Woman by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Your warm and inviting smile softly plays at the harp strings of my young smitten heart The burning gaze of your love— Two shining star lights peering into my soul coupled by two blossoming rose cheeks accentuated by the perfect symmetry of your red strawberry lips … Continue reading The Mystery of a Woman

A Candle in the Wind

A Candle in the Wind by Manuel A. Luna-Murray A candle’s flame flickering from side to side ever growing ever dying in the blowing of the wind New sparks ignite the flame daily steadily rising and overcoming gusts of fear, doubt, and frustration Cold season spells slowly melt the wax away as water pools of … Continue reading A Candle in the Wind

Lingua speak

Lingua speak by Manuel A. Luna-Murray I am your best friend: I am poetry and short stories dramas, plays, and essays books and inspiration courage and strength. I am power: The act of divine creation in spoken and written form. I am the essence of humanity preceding the existence of the soul. I demand all … Continue reading Lingua speak

An Uneasy Alliance

An Uneasy Alliance by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Language is a harsh taskmaster that demands to have it all: Your thoughts and feelings Knowledge and experience Your dreams and aspirations hopes, failures, and identity Your culture and heritage— The essence of your being. Language is your best friend your comfort in time of need: It is … Continue reading An Uneasy Alliance

Ocean Possibility

Ocean Possibility by Manuel A. Luna-Murray I am a River… A river of words mountain poetry flowing out to sea Ocean possibility quench your soul splashing feet Heaven’s tears abide in me. I am a River… Long and old many streams flow within me. Winding roads dizzying twists gentle currents false starts sudden stops abrupt … Continue reading Ocean Possibility

Puerto Rican Alzheimer’s

Puerto Rican Alzheimer’s by Manuel A. Luna-Murray 1 Bankruptcy soul and heartache disease: two irreconcilable foes of my esteem. Friends of darkness and disaster killing my loved ones’ memories of life. Old age without wisdom: the tragedy of a life neither lived nor remembered. Death the stalker of our lives upon the stage swiftly appears … Continue reading Puerto Rican Alzheimer’s

Dear Granny

Dear Granny by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Dear granny, dear granny Blessed little angel Blossoming rose of Spring Shinning morning star None compare to you my beloved little granny Childhood memory masterful symphony sound Sustenance and Refuge Love and tenderness Cleaner and Cook Mother and Counselor Buyer and Saver of unforgettable memories Prayer warrior earnestly wrestling … Continue reading Dear Granny

Mi Vida en Dos Idiomas: My Life in Two Languages

Mi Vida en Dos Idiomas: My Life in Two Languages by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Small talk with strangers Breves conversaciones con los extraños as I head out to school. se dan lugar rumbo a la escuela. I’m on my way towards education Encaminandome hacia la educación to make my dreams come true. para hacer de … Continue reading Mi Vida en Dos Idiomas: My Life in Two Languages

Embracing your Heritage

Embracing your Heritage by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Your accent is your shadow the daily reminder of who you are and where you've been It is your passport to el ritmo salsero and the American Dream Your accent is your flavor of taino, inca, and azteca mixed with African, Asian and European in an experiment called … Continue reading Embracing your Heritage

The Business of Writing

The Business of Writing by Manuel A. Luna-Murray The business of writing is a bleak pursuit That carries you away from this world into the next The business of writing is a life surrounded by books Whose silent prayers shape the words that appear Across the blank pages of your heart. The business of writing … Continue reading The Business of Writing

The Creative Act of Writing

The Creative Act of Writing by Manuel A. Luna-Murray The unspoken bond between a man and his pen is one of sublime mystery as the mind sends a message to the hand which relays its wishes to the pen that obeys its orders by subjecting the paper to the ink of creation Begging the question … Continue reading The Creative Act of Writing

The Writer’s Punishment

The Writer’s Punishment by Manuel A. Luna-Murray The idea that enters the mind but defies description departs the soul and exhales from the body as a puff of air. The fresh breath that enters through your nostrils is felt throughout your loins as the death of an idea exits the womb empty and barren Fleeting … Continue reading The Writer’s Punishment

Tabula rasa ergo sum

Tabula rasa ergo sum by Manuel A. Luna-Murray But now I’m stronger than yesterday for every cliché is drowning --- a mist fading away Cogito ergo sum “What doesn’t kill makes you stronger” now becomes What makes you stronger does kill --- insecurities, fears, doubts, regrets a new horizon of possibilities haunting your every waking … Continue reading Tabula rasa ergo sum

My Book of Rhymes

My Book of Rhymes by Manuel A. Luna-Murray The physical evidence of a fully-lived life abides within the pages of My Book of Rhymes The inspiration of the ages coupled with the struggles of my life along with the heartaches piercing words and solitary nights are all the myriad subjects discussed in My Book of … Continue reading My Book of Rhymes