Tabula rasa ergo sum

Tabula rasa ergo sum
by Manuel A. Luna-Murray

But now I’m stronger than yesterday
for every cliché is drowning —
a mist fading away
Cogito ergo sum

“What doesn’t kill makes you stronger”
now becomes
What makes you stronger does kill —
insecurities, fears, doubts, regrets
a new horizon of possibilities
haunting your every waking moment
Cogito ergo sum

“What goes up has got to fall”
transformed to
What falls has got to go up—
Your fallen pride equates humility
lifting onto tidal waves
the hopes of the people
Cogito ergo sum

“Pride cometh before the Fall”
evolves into
Fall cometh before the Pride
as many a man can attest
in the hour of their failing
their greatest success arrived
Cogito ergo sum

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”
has no real say in the matter—
just ask every boy whose missing father
abandoned their progeny
to the cruelties of the world
Cogito ergo sum

“Success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”
can’t always be the truth—
as greater sweat was poured into the idea
before implementation had its say
Cogito ergo sum

“Every butterfly was once a caterpillar”
seems a bit oversimplified—
For is evil truly good?
Is good truly evil?
Cogito ergo sum

For what exactly is a cliché?
An agent of evil?
An emissary of good?

Tradition is not always addition—
more like subtraction of the soul
blindly clinging to surrendered
errors of the whole
cease-fire armistice
thoughtless compromise

Progress is not future
future progress
happens now

Present challenges
debunk sorcery cliché
past experience triumphs
future vision myopia

Present limitations
aimlessly stirring
inner turmoil
purpose unbound

Am I weaker cause I’m stronger?
Independence sans community
Am I stronger cause I’m weaker?
Solitude unyielding
Loneliness be damned

For only a thousand suns
consumed in a single hour
suffice to illuminate
the cliché of it all

Endlessly returning the stare
present participle divine
repeatedly scratched surfacing…

But now…
But now I’m…
But now I’m stronger…
But now I’m stronger than —

Yesterday’s cliché
Today’s sound bite
Tomorrow’s wisdom

Eternity masterminded
Hand of Providence
scratching away the record—
Tabula rasa ergo sum