A Candle in the Wind

bright burn burnt candle
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heart shaped candle
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A Candle in the Wind
by Manuel A. Luna-Murray

A candle’s flame flickering
from side to side ever growing
ever dying in the blowing of the wind

New sparks ignite the flame daily
steadily rising and overcoming
gusts of fear, doubt, and frustration

Cold season spells slowly
melt the wax away
as water pools of burning incense
take to the skies as scented clouds

Scents of death, fragrance of life
both emanate from the candlewick’s
tussle of to and fro

as it is consumed by the passionate flame of desire
and rekindled in the orange glow of a summer sunset

The candle is deformed and reshaped
into a silhouette of you and I
as friends and lovers struggling
to strip away our individual selves
while embracing an identity
encompassing the two of us

until this new self born of selfless
love and caring commitment
envelops us into a cocoon
of cherished laughter and treasured memories
waxing away the cares of this world
while ushering us away into the next one

8 thoughts on “A Candle in the Wind

  1. Do you have any type of ideas for composing write-ups? That’s where I always struggle and I just finish up gazing vacant display for very long time.


  2. Hello Melissa. Thank you for your comment. By write-ups do you mean posts? If so, I might offer some suggestions. One idea is to take a typical cliche or statement and flip it on its head. Doing so often provides interesting insights into unusual topics or ideas. Another strategy involves exploring foreign and/or cultural words/concepts and trying to make these fit into a cohesive narrative. Write what you know. Talk about your own experiences such as where you grew up and how you were raised. Also, when writing,it is often better to show not tell. Adjectives are your friends along with the dictionary and the thesaurus. Studying etymologies or word origins can be very helpful in uncovering unique ideas. Above all else make sure to read a lot and to read varied content. Most importantly always have fun. Have a wonderful day.


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