The Sweet Melodious Sound of Poetry Fills the Air

The Sweet Melodious Sound of Poetry fills the Air
by Manuel A. Luna-Murray

Listening to the rhythms
of the sound of your breath
as you inhale pensive thoughts
and exhale beautiful poetic gems
I’m struck by the sudden realization
that I have fallen in love

I’m in love with the whooshing /ws/
that crackle the air with energy
in words such as:
Woman, Warrior, and Wife
the friend and companion of my noble life

The splashing sounds of /sh’s/
drown me in the cleansing tide
of nature’s lyrical tune
in pearls of wisdom by the name of:
Shelter, Shoulder, and Sharing
my days with someone who is caring
and whose love makes the shrine of my life
shine brightly in the shade of my soul

Your sweet voice
encompasses all the myriad
sounds of language
in a simultaneous cascade
of loving desire

As your vocal caresses
tickle my ears’ tympanic membrane
hugs my cheekbones
slides across my tongue
fills my lungs
and swims through my bloodstream
on its way to my heart’s epicenter

It is there that your lyrical poetry
meets my fanciful reason
in an avant-garde dance of unimaginable bliss
Such bliss enslaves
the world by molding it
into the shackles of joy

Spreading peaceful reminisces
irrigated by variegated
flower strands
encircling the globe

©2018-2019 by Manuel A. Luna-Murray All Rights Reserved.

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