Embracing your Heritage

Embracing your Heritage
by Manuel A. Luna-Murray

Your accent is your shadow
the daily reminder of who you are
and where you’ve been

It is your passport
to el ritmo salsero
and the American Dream

Your accent is your flavor
of taino, inca, and azteca
mixed with African, Asian and European
in an experiment called America

Your accent is a forerunner of things to come
as the relay race of new horizons
is passed on from generation to generation

so embrace your heritage
as you foster a new legacy
of equal rights and opportunities
for all languages and cultures
as embodied in the English and Spanish
revealed in your single body
your double soul

For additional context and insights into this poem please read my accompanying essay titled Heritage: Streams of Consciouness… River Banks of Time. You can also read the related poem Heritage.

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