Soundtrack...The meaning and the wordConstantly playing in my domeSteady rhythm in conjunctionwith the function of my lifebringing you inspirationin this cruel and cold worldSoundtrack...Easy lines to rememberlife's mysteries surrenderedto the scratching of my penon the paper's smooth surfacerevelations running deeprushing water flowing mountain peakSoundtrack...From my head to your heartbearing gifts and aspirationsunified with one languageunder … Continue reading Soundtrack

The Sweet Melodious Sound of Poetry Fills the Air

The Sweet Melodious Sound of Poetry fills the Air by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Listening to the rhythms of the sound of your breath as you inhale pensive thoughts and exhale beautiful poetic gems I’m struck by the sudden realization that I have fallen in love I’m in love with the whooshing /ws/ that crackle the … Continue reading The Sweet Melodious Sound of Poetry Fills the Air

The Journey Begins

River Words… Ocean Possibilities by Manuel A. Luna-Murray I am a River… a River of Words… Ocean Possibilities. This brief epiphany perfectly embodies my raison d'être or reason for existence. All of us, whether we realize it or not, are bodies of water lost at sea longing and searching for the myriad ocean possibilities hidden … Continue reading The Journey Begins