The Mystery of a Woman

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The Mystery of a Woman
by Manuel A. Luna-Murray

Your warm and inviting smile
softly plays at the harp strings
of my young smitten heart

The burning gaze of your love—
Two shining star lights peering into my soul
coupled by two blossoming rose cheeks
accentuated by the perfect symmetry
of your red strawberry lips

The freedom of expression
displayed in your kind words
at once quickens my pulse
and entangles my mind
in the mystery of a woman

For, what is a woman?

The lovely expression of Providential
Wisdom and Companionship
encapsulated in human form.

The embodiment of three essences in one:

Beauty that steals away my breath
Charm that emboldens my spirit
Grace that accepts me just as I am

The missing DNA patch
that completes the empty soul
of a man in search of himself

The caretaker of life
whose every breath infuses
love and gentle guidance
into the hearts of sweet angels

Sweet angels destined for greatness
shaped and molded after the
character and admonition
of a mother’s persistent efforts

A virtuous woman is a treasure worth seeking
for her glowing countenance is a
mirror- reflection of a man’s soul

A window of opportunity
a gateway into beyond
is a man’s patient pursuit
of the hidden key that unlocks
the mystery of a woman

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of a Woman

  1. Well Done! Your words truly embody what missing in a whole man. The Mystery of a Woman embodies the unknown factors in life!!!!


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