The Writer’s Punishment

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The Writer’s Punishment
by Manuel A. Luna-Murray

The idea that enters the mind
but defies description
departs the soul
and exhales from the body
as a puff of air.

The fresh breath
that enters through your nostrils
is felt throughout your loins
as the death of an idea
exits the womb empty and barren

Fleeting dreams of distant worlds
that will never come to pass
leave behind their traces
in the mournful regret
of an unborn child

The gift of insight
lost amidst the whims
of chance and circumstance
as Man is deprived of
the passion and purpose
found within the kindred soul
of his subconscious.

Simply for speaking Truth
we are punished by the tantalizing idea
whose origins remain shrouded in mystery

As regret descends upon us
as the vulture of lost opportunity
eating away at the inspiration of our hearts

Day after day after day
our creative outbursts are impaired
by the stings of reality
whose sharp edges
pierce the protective shield
of our carefully guarded lives

Tragedy strikes:
dismantling the shallow façade
of security and predictability we’ve built around us
as the shocking realization of our own mortality
quickly replaces the empty promises of I will
with intentional actions that say I care.

The writer’s task is to capture all
of the seemingly disparate snapshots of life
into a coherent kaleidoscope by which
the Supreme Nature of Man’s existence
can be viewed through the single
unfiltered lens of Reality

The pain and anguish of the writer
is a burnt offering to the gods of antiquity
which allow ordinary people
extraordinary insight into the
inner workings of the Universe

As the science of observation
is wedded to the art of description
to birth identical twins:
The Science of Art
The Art of Science

The Science of Art:
The battlefield of the chessboard
where only the strongest ideas survive

The Art of Science:
The tabula rasa of the blank page
staring up at the idea that has yet to be born

For defying the gods of mediocrity
and revolting against the powers of corruption
the writer is punished with bearing
the weight of the world upon his shoulders
until the end of Time.

This eternal vigilance
is a constant shift
between Art and Science
as each new tremor
each new worldwide seismic shift
of toppled governments
and oppressive powers
threatens the thin fabric
of the Natural Order

For everywhere we go
and everything we see
contains a grain of truth
anxiously awaiting the chance to speak
comfort and discomfort into our lives
through the skillfully crafted words
of the writer’s pen