Lingua speak

Lingua speak by Manuel A. Luna-Murray I am your best friend: I am poetry and short stories dramas, plays, and essays books and inspiration courage and strength. I am power: The act of divine creation in spoken and written form. I am the essence of humanity preceding the existence of the soul. I demand all … Continue reading Lingua speak

An Uneasy Alliance

An Uneasy Alliance by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Language is a harsh taskmaster that demands to have it all: Your thoughts and feelings Knowledge and experience Your dreams and aspirations hopes, failures, and identity Your culture and heritage— The essence of your being. Language is your best friend your comfort in time of need: It is … Continue reading An Uneasy Alliance

The Creative Act of Writing

The Creative Act of Writing by Manuel A. Luna-Murray The unspoken bond between a man and his pen is one of sublime mystery as the mind sends a message to the hand which relays its wishes to the pen that obeys its orders by subjecting the paper to the ink of creation Begging the question … Continue reading The Creative Act of Writing

My Book of Rhymes

My Book of Rhymes by Manuel A. Luna-Murray The physical evidence of a fully-lived life abides within the pages of My Book of Rhymes The inspiration of the ages coupled with the struggles of my life along with the heartaches piercing words and solitary nights are all the myriad subjects discussed in My Book of … Continue reading My Book of Rhymes