River Ripples… Ocean Waves: Ocean Possibility Explained

River Ripples… Ocean Waves: Ocean Possibilities Explained by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Why River Words… Ocean Possibilities, you ask? Let me explain. Three and a half years after graduating from college with an English degree I continually struggled with finding a new direction and a sense of purpose. I always felt that I had so much … Continue reading River Ripples… Ocean Waves: Ocean Possibility Explained

An Uneasy Alliance

An Uneasy Alliance by Manuel A. Luna-Murray Language is a harsh taskmaster that demands to have it all: Your thoughts and feelings Knowledge and experience Your dreams and aspirations hopes, failures, and identity Your culture and heritage— The essence of your being. Language is your best friend your comfort in time of need: It is … Continue reading An Uneasy Alliance

My Book of Rhymes

My Book of Rhymes by Manuel A. Luna-Murray The physical evidence of a fully-lived life abides within the pages of My Book of Rhymes The inspiration of the ages coupled with the struggles of my life along with the heartaches piercing words and solitary nights are all the myriad subjects discussed in My Book of … Continue reading My Book of Rhymes