Rewriting our Future: Chaos Undefined… Poetry Redefined

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Rewriting our Future: Chaos Undefined… Poetry Redefined
by Manuel A. Luna-Murray

War, Drugs, Crime, Poverty, Abuse. Each of these words conjures within us a frustrated hopelessness and a sense of impending doom. Our modern lives often resemble a randomly selected box of crayons where we are expected to color by the numbers without the proper colors. From this chaos we are tasked with creating beauty out of a deafening chorus of negative news, discouraging remarks, and bleak statistics. Is it any wonder that the narratives of our lives have become a gargantuan textbook of soulless information and suffocating prose? In this present age of information we are more apt to experience a surplus of knowledge but a deficit of wisdom.

The Journalist, Poet, and English Professor Howard Mumford Jones (1892-1980) captured our contemporary zeitgeist best when he stated that “ours is an age that is proud of machines that can think and suspicious of men who try to.” In our current climate of political correctness it has become popular to extoll the virtues of automation, machine learning, and data mining while it has become anathema to speak of the plight of the poor, the fate of the homeless, and the struggle of the jobless. While many of these modern advances in technology have provided a number of benefits to our society these same changes have wrought a future of chaos undefined. In this future it is not yet apparent who the winners and the losers will be but it stands to reason that those who presently control these societal trends through their finances and the media will probably come out on top. Yet despite this harsh reality there is one trend that will always prove instrumental in our evolution as a species – Emotional Intelligence.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability to understand the way people feel and react and to use this skill to make good judgments and to avoid or solve problems. In other words, Emotional Intelligence provides the framework for our uniquely human gift of learning through experience and genuine human interactions. These experiences and interactions, in turn, create the necessary preconditions for the development of wisdom. In this way, wisdom becomes the foundation of a strong and sturdy house (Proverbs 24: 3-4) allowing us the opportunity to create a future of poetry redefined. This future of poetry redefined is one which I wish to share with the reader via the poetry pages presented in this section.

In rewriting our future we must first be willing to daily rewrite our present lives. The only way to achieve this is by exploring the creative inner workings of our minds as we slow down. Writing is often one of the best tools that help us to achieve this ongoing goal of conscious awareness. For this reason, the theme of writing plays a prominent role within the following pages.

The first poem we shall explore together is titled Why I Write. Why I Write offers a personal perspective on the importance of writing as a tool for self-reflection, identity formation, and self-empowerment. In the Business of Writing, the central motif reflects upon the nature of writing and what it means to be a writer. The Creative Act of Writing, as the title implies, focuses on the oft mysterious process of creative writing. Writing as an incessant juxtaposition between spontaneous observation and fleeting inspiration forms the basis of The Writer’s Punishment. As anyone who has ever been tasked with writing knows, the temptation to slip into the comfortable cliché is a ubiquitous specter in the writer’s life. In Tabula Rasa Ergo Sum a creative solution is offered to combat the stupor of deadened senses. Finally, in keeping with the notion of writing as an apparatus for change and self-empowerment, My Book of Rhymes examines the legacy that our words, and by extension our actions, can have on ourselves and others as we contemplate our life’s journey. As always, if you enjoy my content, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section, mention this page to a friend, and subscribe to receive the latest updates whenever a new post appears. Have a safe and blessed day.

Best Wishes and Regards,

Manuel A. Luna-Murray