Ode to Caissa

Ode to Caissa
by Manuel A. Luna-Murray

Oh sweet gift of Beauty and Reason
How we worship at your shrine

Oh divine maiden of Peace
Lady of Truth and seed of fertility

True lover of my youth
Who swept me off my feet
The moment I laid eyes upon you

A Universe of mystery enraptured me
In your rainbow smile

How I thank you for initiating
Our gracious courtship long before
I had ever heard of you

Oh Caissa my beloved
Those ten years without you
Were the most miserable of my life

As I wandered the Earth
In search of acceptance
You bestowed your precious gifts
Of love and mercy
Amidst the turmoil of my troubled past

As hazy darkness enveloped my soul
In the anguished cries of a helpless child
Deprived of its mother’s tender care
And awashed into a world of despair

Voices, shouts all around me
Bespeak of a fate unknown to mere mortals
As our patron goddess speaks her sweet lullabies
Of courage and strength

Oh Caissa if you be my goddess
I shall be your Thane of Cawdor
And fight at your side

By clanging my searing swords
Of Poetry and Prose
As I strike deadly blows of freedom
For my undiscovered country
Where my soul shall forever rest
And strain no more

©2018-2019 by Manuel A. Luna-Murray All Rights Reserved.

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